The more complex the problem, the more important it is that there is teamwork among experts.


Team building, or team development as it is sometimes called, is the practice of working together in a group to achieve specific goals.


It can happen with an organization’s employees during their normal work day, or as an event. In both cases it is used to create bonds and forge a sense of camaraderie within the groups that share common goals. Team building includes games and other activities that bring individuals into contact physically or electronically.

The participants are divided in two or more groups. Each group receives two cardboard boxes and must do everything possible to put both of them in one room and close the door behind them.

The participants need to build a boat out of rope and get it ready to sail as fast as possible. There are different variations of this game, but the goal is always to hold a rope for as long as possible.

The participants need to gather as much information as possible about various situations in a company or any other entity. This information has to be shared and discussed among members of the team. 

Learning Together

The participants need to do some exercise where they must drink water while it is raining, learn a language while running or celebrate New Year’s Eve while walking into a swimming pool. In the process everyone learns more about the individual skills and strengths of each colleague.To make things more complicated, the participants must create short presentations on what they have learned.

The participants must work together to build a pile of hay that is higher than a certain point, for example shoulders level for men and waist level for women (depending on the individual sizes). The participants need to use proper techniques and dynamics to reach their goal.


The participants are split into groups, each of them must create as many words as possible that express the same idea. A correct answer gives the person who has created it one point (sometimes two points if the word given is rare). Team building is a popular activity for organizations and companies because it helps to create bonds and builds understanding among employees. At the same time it can prompt some kind of support, cooperation or solidarity between groups.

Everyone who wants to participate in this team building activity must stand on a chair, a bench or something similar. Everyone else must find some way to move those standing up. The goal is coordination and working together as a group to get everyone standing upright in the fastest way possible.

The participants are divided into two or more groups, but left alone in the same room with one box that requires one or more people to move it around. It is important to have the box move in a very specific way, otherwise the game is over.

The participants are paired with someone they do not know and must find out as much about their partner as possible (name, family names, where they live etc.) while working together to solve an issue that has been left up to them.


The participants are divided into two teams and the aim of the game is to create as many combinations of cards as possible. Then they have to turn the cards over and make a prediction about what will happen to them on the next hand.